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Jack: A collection of stories

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Take a look at Jack Nicklaus' life and career with this collection of stories.

Get to know Nicklaus as both a family man and a major champion, and read the stories that have helped define the 18-time major champion both on and off the golf course.

Jack: The family man

Jack Nicklaus is regarded for the way he lived his life off the course as much as he is for how he performed on it. Mercer Baggs details what Jack - and his wife and kids - is like outside the ropes.

Jack: The major champion

Jack Nicklaus is the winningest major champion in golf history. His family, friends and peers offer insight as to what makes him the greatest the sport has ever known.

Know Jack: Mr. Jones and me

Jack Nicklaus was raised a fan of Bobby Jones and had numerous encounters with his idol. He was also the man Jack was chasing, sort of.

Know Jack: Mom, Marilyn and the '86 Masters

Jack Nicklaus' mother and sister hadn't been to the Masters since 1959. They decided to make one more trip to see him at Augusta ... in 1986.

Know Jack: How hip injections led to first Masters win

Jack Nicklaus is known for a power fade. But an unbelievable amount of hip injections altered his plans ahead of the '63 Masters.

Know Jack: Charlie and Helen Nicklaus

His dad was outgoing. His mother very reserved. Jack Nicklaus got championship traits of both and their influence spread to his children.

Know Jack: Athlete, basketball driver, tennis diver

People say Tiger Woods made golfers look like athletes. But Jack Nicklaus was playing multiple sports, even when he was winning majors.

Know Jack: Helping and saving children's lives

Jack and Barbara Nicklaus decided long ago that if they were ever going to help others, it would be children. And that's just what they are doing.

Know Jack: The teacher, Jack Grout

Jack Grout met Jack Nicklaus when the latter was a 10-year-old just taking up the game. They formed a legendary team and a father-son bond.

Know Jack: Being asked to leave Ohio State

Jack Nicklaus has always been and will always be an Ohio State Buckeye. But he never graduated and he says he was even asked to leave.

Know Jack: Adding '70's style to substance

Forget the crew cut, basic clothing and the belly. Jack Nicklaus changed his look in the '70s and it had a major affect on his game.

Know Jack: How he lost his first win

Jack Nicklaus' first professional win came at the 1962 U.S. Open. But it almost happened earlier that year, if not for a strange occurrence.

Know Jack: Origin of the Golden Bear nickname

The Golden Bear nickname fits Jack Nicklaus. But how did it come about? It stretches from high school in Ohio to Australia.

Know Jack: The not-so-handy man

Jack Nicklaus is good at many things, but fixing things around the house isn't one of them, according to his wife.

Know Jack: Is that anyway to (re)act?

Jack Nicklaus has always been classy in victory and in defeat. But there are a couple of victorious reactions he might take back.

Know Jack: Tragedy ahead of triumph

Jack Nicklaus became the first player to successfully defend his Masters title, in 1966. But it happened with a heavy heart.

Know Jack: 18 or 20 majors?

Jack Nicklaus won 18 professional major championships. He also won two U.S. Amateur titles. So how does he view his total?

Know Jack: Why the Masters isn't No. 1

Jack Nicklaus is synonymous with the Masters Tournament. But he doesn't rank it as his No. 1 major. He explains why.